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Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco Review

“Roses have both Pretty Petals and thorns, my dark flower. You needn’t believe something weak because it appears delicate. Show the world your bravery.”
            Audrey Rose is just your ordinary seventeen year old girl except that she is interested in forensic science. In her time, young women should only be concerned with social teas, the latest gossip and embroidery. Audrey Rose would much rather be working with her Uncle in his lab trying to find out her Jack the Ripper is.
            My two favorite characters are Audrey Rose and Thomas Cresswell. I couldn’t choose between the two as my favorite so they both receive that honor. Audrey is described as being very pretty but she is more than what she appears. She is strong and very intelligent. She wants to be able to think for herself and make her own decisions. She also loves fashion just as much as she likes forensic science. She doesn’t think that she should have to give up nice clothes because she likes science.
            Thomas Cresswell is going on my list of fictional boyfriends. He’s very intelligent and he knows it. He sometimes comes across as a bit arrogant. He can also seem a bit cold at times. He shuts off his emotions like a light switch. He’s also extremely handsome just in case you didn’t guess that.

            Audrey Rose and Thomas have such great chemistry together. Most of my favorite scenes were of Audrey and Thomas working together to solve the mystery. They support each other and Thomas doesn’t think Audrey is weak or fragile because she’s a girl. He challenges her throughout the book to think for herself. Overall I really recommend this book. It has the right amount of mystery and romance. I had a hard time putting the book down because I want to know what happened next.


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