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Hi , everyone! Welcome to hauntedbybooks13! I am so excited to be participating in this year's bookmadness! Bookmadness is where booktubers,Bookstagrammers and bloggers gush about a character. Then you can vote for your favorite characters.  Just to remind everyone that you can vote for up to five characters.There are also cool prizes that you can enter to win after you vote. 
The character I have chosen is Thomas Cresswell from Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalo.
I read this book back in October and I loved it! I absolutely adore Thomas.  He has dark brown hair, golden brown eyes, and is very tall. He kind of reminds you a bit of Sherlock in some ways. He's very intelligent and he knows it. That makes he seem kind of arrogant. He's very handsome, witty and charming.He is also very loyal and caring. Did I mention he loves to read? 
Thomas Cresswell:
I found this picture on Pinterest so  all the credit goes to the artist.

Here are some quotes from the book to help convince you to vote for Mr. Cresswell.

" You don't say," he said. "Personally I'd rather stay in, reading."

" Lord help the girl he set those eyes for good. His boyish vulnerability was a weapon, powerful and disarming. I was thankful I wasn't the kind of girl to lose my mind over a pretty face."

" Why don't you talk to me about what's really troubling you? What emotional dilemma needs sorting out?" He patted his legs. " Sit here and I'll rock you until you or I both fall asleep."

"Dear Wadsworth, your association with me is growing more beneficial by the hour.Your intelligence  is quite attractive." Thomas said, raising his brows suggestively and taking in my newly plaited hair. 
"Let's have some wine and dance inappropriately. You've already dressed the part for me- let's take advantage."

  So I hope everyone has fun voting!  
You can vote here:


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