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March Favorites

Disney Beauty and The Beast live action remake:

Hello, again. Unless it's your first time visiting my blog, then welcome! Today I'm going to be talking about what my favorite things were in March. Of course,  I had to start with Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the beast is one of my favorite Disney movies and has been since I was little when I drove my mom crazy rewatching it a thousand times.
I really loved the live action remake. Everything about it was so nostalgic and magical. The music was amazing and the movie just overall made me really happy. I may also have shed a few tears even knowing the ending would be happy. I also liked the fact that we got to know a little more about the characters than we did in the animated movie.
Various Artists - Beauty And The Beast (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2 CD][Deluxe Edition] - Music:
Another favorite was, of course, the soundtrack. I've been listening to it on repeat. I loved it. My favorites are Be My Guest, Beauty and the Beast, How does a moment last forever and evermore.

Before Ever After poster:

Speaking of Disney, Tangled Before Ever After was another favorite this month. Rapunzel is another favorite of mine. I was so excited when I heard the news. And before you ask, I didn't fangirl so hard I fell off the bed. That did not happen at all. I loved this so much. The fact that we get to see more of Rapunzel and get to know more of her story is so exciting. Also,  the music is wonderful!
Wind in my hair is great, as is Life Happily Ever After
 Wind in my hair link:
Life Happily Ever After link:

Tangled the series started on March 24th. It's an hour long show on Disney channel on Fridays at 7:30 east central time.  I'm loving it so far. Check it out if you haven't. I promise it will be your best day ever.

El nuevo y esperado álbum de Ed Sheeran, Divide, saldrá a la venta el día 3 de marzo y no puedo tener más ganas. Sigue leyendo, recapitulamos todo lo que el cantante nos ha ido revelando a través de Instagram en las últimas semanas sobre su nuevo trabajo.:
Ed Sheeran's album divide also released last month and has been on repeat. Some of my favorites are galway girl, supermarket flowers, castle on the hill and hearts don't break around here.

I also loved a parody that came out on the 4th of march I think. The Hillywood show makes awesome youtube videos. I first found them when they did a sherlock parody. So here is the link to the suicide squad parody they did. It's awesome.

Its a Wonderful Movie - Your Guide to Family and Christmas Movies on TV: Candace Cameron Bure stars in Hallmark's "Dead Over Heels: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery":
Hallmark: Murder She Baked: "Just Desserts":

I also love a good mystery. I grew up reading nancy drew books.I love a good mystery. These are two of my favorites.

I have one makeup favorite. I fell in love with the wetnwild liquid catsuit matte lipstick. I love the formula and the colors are great as well.

I have two book favorites this month.
The Blazing Star

Big Mushy Happy Lump (Sarah's Scribbles, #2)

That was all my favorites for the month of march. Here's to new favorites next month.


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